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LG LFX28968ST Full Refrigerator : Review and Full Specifications


Your kitchen is the place where you make your happy meals and in this journey, LG lfx28968st is an amazing pick. Not only will it make your kitchen look attractive, but it will also add a ton of utility to your kitchen. 

LG is renowned for its quality products and it has maintained a decent amount of goodwill in the market. This product meets up with the standards of LG. Moreover, it is one of the finest refrigerators they have made in comparison with the pricing of the product. In order to get in its detailed review, we have to break the product part by part.

First and foremost, it has to be stated that this gadget is of LG. It is one of the brands that are well renowned in India. This brand can be trusted easily due to its quality service for years. Moreover, LG has thousands of products in the electronics line. The LG lfx28968st review will be given by bifurcating its various elements and then presenting an analysis on them. This is a premium product and it has some of the most unique features you would ever find in a refrigerator.

Lets start with LG LFX28968ST Review and Features:



Unlike the ordinary models of LG, this has a three-way French door that looks extremely stylish and also presents high utility. The dimensions of this refrigerator present a strong build of the fridge with a 35 3/4-inches wide and a 69 3/4-inches height. This means that you won’t have a problem placing this inside your house though, it is massive so you have to pick a perfect spot for this.


In order to do a detailed review of the LG lfx28968st, we have to straight away get into the technical aspects. It is 35 3/4-inches wide by 69 3/4-inches tall by 35 3/8-inches wide with a massive weight of 324 pounds. Moreover, it has a huge refrigerator capacity of 36.8 cubic feet in which you can store a ton of stuff while maintaining its natural freshness. It is beautifully designed and for sure you can show off your fridge as they have integrated a French three-door style in this refrigerator. In addition to that, it has also got a modern water filtration system LT700P that gives the water clean and your family healthy.

The most basic thing is the filtration system in this that is LT700P, in accordance with the latest standards. Moreover, it is equipped with a child lock and a door alarm that comes in very handy if you have a lot of kids in the house. In addition to that, it has also got a modern LED display giving it a classic look. Also, you can control various things from that panel if you desire. This is not it, there are many other features. It has a mechanism to close the door automatically as many a time you get to close the door in a hurry. Moreover, there is a smart temperature guide in which there is autonomous handling of the temperature. All in all this device has all the modern features that are going to be highly beneficial for you.


Whenever you read a review, this section is crucial. This is where we determine that in terms of utility whether the product is fairly priced or not. After extensive research and detailed analysis, it can be said with utmost confidence that this product is fairly priced. This LG lfx28968st is stylish, attractive, and is multi-functional. Some might feel that this is overpriced but when you compare this with other brands having the same features, this doubt would be resolved. You can get this product from any LG authorized store in no time.


Warranty is one thing that builds trust in a brand and gives confidence to a customer. When it comes to LG lfx28968st, there are different kinds of warranty and this will be covered in this article. There is a one-year limited warranty that covers the basic things like parts and labour. Then, there is an additional warranty of five years that has the ambit to the sealed systems. The most crucial thing here a customer looks for is what is the response time to a problem and this is where LG steps up. They have good customer relations and this is why they have been able to make such good relations with the public.

Massive storage capacity

This LG model has surpassed every test and this is where it excels. This fridge has a massive storage capacity due to the build and the make. Moreover, the freezer is slim in size and this why there is an additional amount of space available to the customer. Now you can store any product you desire without getting worried about the space running out. It can be clearly stated that this gadget has a huge capacity. Now, this is due to the uncommon 27 cubic feet space that is available. This is unlikely for a fridge to have such space. So, in case you have a big family who needs a lot of storage space, this is the best you are going to get. Moreover, this refrigerator has a capacity of 36.8 cubic feet with inherent freezer capacity of 8.9 cubic feet.


When it comes to the shelving system, it is nothing like the old models. IT has all the updated technology installed in it with split shelving system giving you an opportunity to easily sort the food. Moreover, the shelves are see-through soo you can easily locate the food and arrange it accordingly.

LG LFX28968ST 27.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator - Energy Star

  • Spill Protector Glass Shelves 
  • Glide-N’-Serve Pantry Drawer
  • Humidity Crispers
  • External Ice/Water Dispenser
  • Capacity : 27.6 Cu. Ft.
Check Price


As an end note to the lfx28968st review, the gadget is equipped with all the recent features. Moreover, the pricing of the product is decent and it has the brand name of LG.A customer can easily trust and rely on a product like this.

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