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LG LFXC24726S: Review and Full Specifications

A refrigerator is not just a piece of equipment anymore, it is an advanced technological gadget that makes the place look attractive and yields high utility at the same time. Before talking about this amazing gadget, let us first review the brand. LG has made a substantial position in the market due to its exemplary services and amazing customer service. Moreover, when we hear the name LG, we know that there is an added factor of reliability. LG has again and again through the course of time proved that it is the best.

This is where the extremely stylish LG lfxc24726s comes in. LG through their good public relations has fostered appealing goodwill in the market. People can easily trust the quality of their products and they have gained a substantial share of the Indian market.

In order to go in the detailed lfxc24726s reviews, we have to begin by analyzing every small aspect. This will give clarity to our readers why and how this particular refrigerator model is worth buying.

Exterior design

This is everything you look for in a fridge. This is not one of those traditional refrigerators that have that old look as this model is extremely stylish. Moreover, it comes with a black coating or a stainless steel coating that gives this a classy look. In addition to that, it has also got fingerprint-resistant coating which does not leave fingerprint marks on the surface.

The dimensions of the fridge are not extraordinary though it is designed in a big size to give you all the space you desire for. It has a total height of 69 inches, width 36 inches and a depth of 29 inches. Moreover, the design is extremely attractive with a three-way French door that just stands out. You can keep it anywhere and it just acts as an attractive showpiece.


While delivering the LG lfxc24726s reviews, it can be said with utmost confidence that there is no problem of space in this model. This is because this model has around 24 cubic feet space, which will allow you to store all your goods in it. Moreover, the ice-maker is inbuilt in the door which gives you a lot of extra space. In addition to that, there are numerous slabs so that you can sort out your food in a proper manner. 


We can with confidence say that there is no problem of capacity in any way. Moreover, in order to improve the space, the freezer is inbuilt in the side. This allows a user to gain maximum space. Also, there is a free area of 24 cubic feet in which you can easily keep all your food.


Almost every LG lfxc24726s review will indicate that this product is rich in features. The exterior as we talked earlier is stylish. Moreover, it is equipped with a French curved door that just adds a classic look to the model. The width and height of this model are quite average so that it can fit almost anywhere. The freezer capacity compared to other products is big, it amounts to 7.9 cubic feet. In addition to that, the energy consumption of this gadget is not much and there is a lot of scope for energy conservation.

We found out there are numerous features that this gadget has to offer. It has a panel of digital control that comes in very handy and makes your life much easier. Moreover, it has an additional water dispenser which has a high utility. An air filter that is aimed at keeping your goods fresh inside the fridge all day long. Also, a door open alarm that would inform you if someone goes snooping around for food in the middle of the night. This is great for people who are trying to control their diet. Moreover, it has spill-proof shelves which make the cleaning work a lot easier. The food section also has a glass door, this helps you look all the food you got without opening the cabinet.

LG LFXC24726S Refrigerator's Hub

  • Total (cu. Ft.): 24 / Fridge: 16.1 / Freezer: 7.9
  • Smart Cooling Is Designed To Maintain Superior Conditions
  • Smart Pull Handle Makes Opening The Freezer Quick & Easy
  • Dimensions (WHD): 35 3/4 in. X 68 7/8 in. X 30 7/8 in.
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In many fridges, there is a problem with shelving. This means that there are not many shelves available to sort the food out or they are not transparent. This makes you waste a lot of time and at the same time, it is very irritating. LG has taken care of this amazingly. In this model, there are split shelves which helps you to easily sort your food. Moreover, there is transparency in the shelves. This benefits you highly, saving a lot of time and giving you the feel of a luxury fridge.

No one wants to dig up a fridge and spends hours looking for a thing. This problem has arisen in the past with the traditional models though it is rectified here. What they have done is that they added additional shelves giving you an opportunity to sort things out. Now you can easily arrange everything and decide on a specific place. This will help save time and make your life much easier. This is one of the highlights of the LG lfxc24726s reviews.


To conclude the LG lfxc24726s review, it can be easily said that this is a good product. It is fairly priced and it has a good combination of features. Then there is LG acting as a parent brand and a mark of goodwill.

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