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2022 Most Reliable Counter-Depth Refrigerators for- Ratings & Prices

In this video, you’ll learn about the most reliable French door counter-depth refrigerators. More importantly, you’ll understand how the numbers are derived and be able to incorporate the information into an intelligent buying decision.

We calculate reliability based only on how many French door counter-depth refrigerators were sold compared to how many they were serviced by the brand for one year. The average service rate is 15.5% for French door counter-depth’s versus about 9.5% for appliances in general.

Let’s look at the five most reliable French door counter-depth refrigerators.

No 5&4- GE Profile and Cafe Refrigerators

It’s interesting to see the Profile and Cafe refrigerators this reliable. They have the most functionality with dispensers, smart, and the most features. Cafe even has a cured coffee dispenser. More features tend to lead to more service. GE also has its own service company, so they’re a good consideration if your retailer has no service department.

No 3 – Bosch Refrigerators

Bosch was surprising at number five on this list. They’ve only been manufacturing their refrigerators for three years and a surprising amount of features. Bosch is the only freestanding French door with two compressors. Most other brands have two evaporators and one compressor. The most popular do not have an ice dispenser, so many of these service issues do not apply.

No 2- Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung does have the best lineup of three and four door French door models. They’ve also become the target of many people’s comments on the Internet. However, Samsung’s main issue is their lack of service. You buy a Samsung. If it has an issue, it is your problem. We didn’t sell a lot of Samsung this year due to availability issues, so their numbers are better than normal or last year’s number of about 20% service.

No 1- LG Refrigerators

Yes, LG is number one for reliable refrigerator. In 2019, they settled a class action lawsuit based on their new linear compressor not cooling. In theory, the linear compressor should be more reliable because of fewer working parts and strike points. Give them credit for improving their design and not starting over. They also have a decent lineup of interesting refrigerators to consider.


You may have an annoying ice maker problem within five years statistically. However, the refrigerator itself will work and in the process will save you a lot of money in energy costs. That’s the good news.

So the top five are LG, Samsung, Bosch, Profile, and Cafe. With a service rate of 15.5% just on refrigerators, you’ll also need some service, especially with a whole package of other kitchen appliances. You won’t notice the other part of what we consider is reliable. Bosch and GE are better turning around parts and service than the others. In addition to researching prices and features, you should also know your service agent before any purchase.


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