“Never Drink Warm Soda Again: Check Out This Mini Fridge!”

Cooluli Retro Coca-Cola Mini Fridge for Bedroom – Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room – 10L/12 Can Small Refrigerator – AC/DC 12V Portable Cooler & Warmer for Food, Drinks & Skincare (Coke, Vintage)

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Product Review: The Cooluli 10L Cooler & Warmer

Are you someone who loves road trips, camping, picnicking or spends a lot of time in their car for work? Look no further than the Cooluli 10L Cooler & Warmer – the perfect addition to your car!

Easy Switch from Cooling to Heating

With the flip of a switch, this cooler/warmer can transition from cooling to heating. No more stopping at rest stops to waste time and money on beverages or food. The included 6 and a half foot DC power cable makes it easy to reach the back seat in any car.

AC/DC Adapters Included

Not only does this cooler/warmer plug into the DC adapter in your car, but it also comes included with an AC adapter for indoor use. The 6 ft. long AC wire and the 6 and a half ft. DC wire make finding an outlet easy. It’s also perfect for boats, RVs and camping trips!

Durable Design for Travel

The Cooluli 10L Cooler & Warmer is built tough, with high-quality, sturdy plastic. The cooler is well insulated and will keep beverages and food cool or warm for a good deal of time after being unplugged. This cooler/warmer is an essential for any road trip or camping enthusiast.

Thermoelectric Cooling System

The Cooluli Electric Cooler & Warmer works with a thermoelectric cooling system that blows air from the metal inside to the outside with the help of an electric fan. This means the cooler/warmer is 100% safe and Freon-free. It’s also environmentally friendly!

If you’re looking for a new level of comfort on your road trips or while working in your car, the Cooluli 10L Cooler & Warmer is for you. Make sure to check out Cooluli’s other innovative products.

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