“Never replace your fridge compressor again with this game-changing part!”

MEETOOT 2pcs 1/3HP-250W Refrigerator Thermal Overload Protector Compressor Replacement Part for Mini Refrigerator, Wine Center and Beverage Cooler

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Review of the Refrigerator Thermal Overload Protector

Are you tired of your refrigerator constantly breaking down and having to replace expensive parts? Look no further than the Refrigerator Thermal Overload Protector. Here’s why:

Easy to install

This thermal overload protector is designed to be perfect for most brands and can be easily installed. Its lightweight shape makes it possible for anyone to comfortably replace the old, damaged ones.

High quality materials

It is made of high quality materials, providing stability and reliability. This protector is an ideal spare part for refrigerators to replace the old ones, and you can trust it to do the job.

Perfect for multiple applications

This protector is suitable for all kinds of mini refrigerators, wine centers, and beverage coolers. It is connected to the compressor and turns off the compressor when the compressor motor consumes too much current. This makes it an essential safety feature for your refrigerator.

How to use the overload protector

Before installing, please turn off the power supply of the refrigerator and wear work gloves to protect your hands. This device is designed to shut down the compressor if the current consumed by the compressor motor exceeds the 250W capacity.

Package includes:

  • 2 x Refrigerator Thermal Overload Protector

Common faults of overload protector

The electric heating wire is burnt out, the contact is burnt out, the contact cannot be reset when it is disconnected, the insulation of built-in protector is damaged, and the contact fails.

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