“Revamp Your Fridge Dispenser: Is this the Ultimate Switch Upgrade?”

1 Pack WR23X10783 Refrigerator Dispenser Switch Compatible with GE Hotpoint Refrigerator PS8259956 WR23X10171 WR23X10224 6600JB3001E 6600JB3001C,Terminal Width 3/16” (Normally Open) -Black

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A Review of WR23X10783 Replacement Micro Switch

Are you experiencing troubles with your fridge dispenser? WR23X10783 Replacement Micro Switch can fix the following symptoms: not dispensing water, leaking, and ice maker not dispensing ice. This micro switch is compatible with General Electric and Hotpoint brands and can replace WR23X10224, WR23X10171, 2695743, and PS8259956 models.

Installing this micro switch is easy, thanks to the high-quality ABS material used in its construction. It is waterproof and durable, ensuring a long service life. But before you start the repair process, it is crucial to unplug and turn off all power connections for safety reasons. Also, consider wearing gloves to protect yourself from electric shocks.

At Civilwomen, we take great care to package and deliver all our products in pristine condition. So you can be sure that your WR23X10783 Replacement Micro Switch will arrive in optimal working condition.

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