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Suitable for OEM Whirlpool W10661886 W10460893 Refrigerator Door Handle Handlebar Installation Screw Screw Replacement (2)

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Product Review: Refrigerator Door Handle Installation Thread

Are you tired of staring at your broken refrigerator door handle? Do you want to replace it with an easy installation process? Then the refrigerator door handle installation thread is the perfect solution for you.

Product Options

The installation thread comes in two options – a 2-piece set and a 6-piece set. You can choose based on your requirements and budget. Both options contain all the necessary components needed to install your new refrigerator door handle without any hassle.

Backup Part Number

Just in case you need to order any replacement part, the installation thread also provides you with a backup part number. This ensures that you can easily get any spare part needed for the installation process without any delay. The backup part number includes WPW10661886, AP6023675, PS11757021, W10303465, and WPW10661886VP.

Tip for Installation

Make sure to set up all power supply before starting the repair process. This will ensure your safety and avoid any electrical damage to your refrigerator. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the installation thread to install your new refrigerator door handle easily.

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