“Revamp Your Kitchen with This Game-Changing French Door Refrigerator Spring!”

French Door Refrigerator Spring For Samsung DA81-01345B Compatible With Models RF267AFWP RF267HERS RF268ABBP RF268ABPN RF268ABRS RF268ABWP

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Customized For Samsung Refrigerator French door Spring – Product Review

Are you tired of your refrigerator door flapping uncontrollably every time you open and close it? Say goodbye to that annoyance with the Customized For Samsung Refrigerator French door Spring! This high-quality spring is a perfect fit for various Samsung refrigerator models, and it ensures that your fridge door closes seamlessly every time.

Quality Ensurance By The Third Party Factory

You can trust this spring, as it is tested and proven before being shipped to you from a trusted third-party factory. They ensure that the spring fits well and works efficiently, giving you the best customer satisfaction.

Compatible Models

This refrigerator spring is a perfect fit for Samsung refrigerator models including:

  • RF267AFWP

  • RF267HERS

  • RF268ABBP

  • RF268ABPN

  • RF268ABRS

  • RF268ABWP





  • RF4267HABP

  • RF4267HARS

  • RF4267HAWP

  • RF4287AARS

  • RF4287HABP

  • RF4287HAPN

  • RF4287HARS

  • RF4287HAWP

  • RF4289HARS

  • RF4289HBRS

  • RFG237AABP

  • RFG237AAPN

  • RFG237AARS

  • RFG237AAWP

  • RFG237ACRS

  • RFG238AABP

  • RFG238AAPN

  • RFG238AARS

  • RFG238AAWP


  • RFG293HABP

  • RFG293HAPN

  • RFG293HARS

  • RFG293HAWP

  • RFG295AABP

  • RFG295AAPN

  • RFG295AARS

  • RFG295AAWP

  • RF197ACRS

  • RFG296HDBP

  • RFG296HDPN

  • RFG296HDRS

  • RFG296HDWP

  • RFG297AABP

  • RFG297AAPN

  • RFG297AARS

  • RFG297AAWP

  • RFG297ACBP

  • RFG297ACRS

  • RFG297ACWP

  • RFG297HDBP

  • RFG297HDPN

  • RFG297HDRS

  • RFG297HDWP

  • RFG298AABP

  • RFG298AAPN

  • RFG298AARS

  • RFG298AAWP

  • RFG298HDBP

  • RFG298HDPN

  • RFG298HDRS

  • RFG298HDWP

  • RFG299AARS





  • RF266


Package Includes

This package includes two French door refrigerator springs compatible with DA81-01345B.


Installing this French door spring is easy. The spring has two vertical ends, with one being at a 90-degree angle and the other slightly crooked before making a 90-degree turn. The straight, 90-degree angle side should face the bottom.

To install, insert the top crooked side first, pull the flap as much as you can toward the refrigerator, and then install the bottom side. The spring should keep the flap flush to the door.

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Eliminate the annoyance of a flapping refrigerator door with the Customized For Samsung Refrigerator French door Spring. To purchase this product, click the link to Buy Now!

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