“Revive Your Fridge with the Ultimate Door Light Switch Replacement!”

WR23X21444 W11396033 Refrigerator Door Light Switch by DTAIR Replacement for Whirlpool GE Refrigerator AP6026776

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Are you tired of struggling to see inside your refrigerator? Or perhaps your fridge isn’t dispensing water like it used to. If you own a Whirlpool or GE refrigerator, we have the solution for you.

Introducing the W11396033 switch, also known as the refrigerator door switch or light switch. This handy little device is easy to install and will ensure that your fridge light turns on every time you open the door. Plus, it’ll make sure that the light turns off when you close the door, conserving energy and ultimately saving you money.

Not only does this switch improve your fridge’s lighting, but it is also compatible with models GSE, GSF, GSH, GSL, and GSS. Its versatile design makes it a universal fan/light switch that can handle a range of voltages, from 125V/5A to 250V/2.5A. And with three terminals and a snap-in mount, installation is a breeze.

If you’re experiencing issues with your refrigerator’s lighting or water dispensing, the W11396033 switch is the perfect solution. It replaces various models, including WR23X21073, WR23X10179, WR23X10161, 4590086, WR23X10341, and WR23X10342.

Don’t wait any longer to improve your fridge’s performance and lighting. Click the link below to purchase the W11396033 switch on Amazon today.

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