“Revolutionize Your On-The-Go Game with Subcold Pro6 Mini Fridge – Keep Your Beverages and Beauty Products Cool Anywhere!”

Subcold Pro6 Luxury Mini Fridge Cooler 6 Litre / 8 Cans AC & Exclusive USB Power Option Small Portable Fridge For The Office, Bedroom, Car, Skincare & Cosmetics White

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Are you tired of warm drinks on the go? Look no further than the Subcold mini fridge! This little unit may be small, but it’s mighty. With advanced thermoelectric cooling technology, it can cool up to 18°C below the ambient temperature. That means you can enjoy ice-cold drinks even on the hottest days.

This mini fridge is perfect for the office, salon, bedroom, car, camping trips, road trips, and more. With a 6L capacity, you can fit up to 8 cans of your favorite drinks inside. It even comes with a removable shelf and door pocket, allowing you to store larger items like milk or juice.

One of the best things about the Subcold mini fridge is its power options. You can plug it into a wall socket or use your portable power bank via USB. The powerful semiconductor refrigeration chip has low power consumption, making this unit the most energy-efficient model in its class at only 20W at 230V.

But don’t worry about sacrificing peace and quiet for cold drinks. The Subcold mini fridge features a brushless high-grade DC fan motor for economical and peaceful running, with a minimum noise output of only 28dB. This mini fridge won’t disturb you while you work, travel, or sleep.

Overall, the Subcold mini fridge is a high-quality build with a durable PP matte finished door and chrome handle. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 6.17 lbs. With a temperature range of 38°F below the ambient temperature in cold mode, you can trust that your drinks will stay refreshingly cold.

If you’re looking for a portable mini fridge that is both efficient and quiet, look no further than the Subcold mini fridge. Don’t wait, click here to Buy Now and start enjoying cold drinks on the go!

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