“Revolutionize Your Refrigerator Storage with DA97-12650A Door Bin Basket!”

DA97-12650A Door Shelf Bin Basket for Samsung Refrigerator Door Shelf Right Side Replacement for Samsung RF263beaesr RF260beaesr RF261beaesr Door Shelves With Food Storage Container

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As someone who loves to keep their fridge organized and functional, I recently purchased the Fridge Door Bin from Rimous and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed!

This fridge door bin fits perfectly on my RF260BEAESR Samsung refrigerator model, as well as many other models listed on the product page. What I love the most about it is how easy it was to install – absolutely no tools required! I simply slid the door shelf bin into the door just above the desired location and pushed it down until it snapped into place. Within seconds, my fridge was back to being new and organized.

The material used for this bin is ultra-durable, which is great for someone like me who tends to accidentally bump into things in the fridge. Plus, it’s very easy to clean, which is an added bonus.

What’s also great about this product is that it comes with a food container that has a tight lid, which keeps my food fresh and prevents any odors from messing up the fridge. I use it to store dry foods like flour, sugar, nuts, and fruits.

And if saving space is something you’re looking for, this bin is perfect for you. The food container fits easily into the fridge, freezer, or cupboard, which frees up some space for other items. The design with a handle is also very convenient, making it easy to grab and take out from the fridge.

Overall, I highly recommend this Fridge Door Bin from Rimous. It’s durable, easy to install, comes with a food container, and saves space. Plus, it’s available on Amazon with a CTA link for easy purchase. Go ahead and check it out – your fridge will thank you!

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