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Alavoco Fridge Stand Review

If you are looking for a stylish yet functional fridge stand, then look no further than the Alavoco Fridge Stand. This product is not only sleek and modern but also incredibly practical.

Unique Features

The Alavoco Fridge Stand is different from other fridge stands on the market in that it features 4 swivel wheels (2 with brakes) that rotate 360 degrees. This makes it incredibly easy to move the stand to any room or location in your home. Additionally, the stand boasts 2 removable drawers that are durable and waterproof, maximizing your storage space.

Easy Installation

Installing this fridge stand is a breeze. With clear assembly instructions and no tools required, one person can set it up in just 15 minutes.

Latest Upgrades

Alavoco has taken extra measures to ensure their product is of the highest quality. They’ve added nylon straps to the bottom of each drawer to prevent toppling, and they’ve upgraded their packaging to prevent any scratches or damages during transportation.

Dimensions and Customer Service

The overall size of the stand is 23(L) x 22.28(W) x 22.4(H) inches, and the drawers come in two sizes: 21.4(L) x 21.4(W) x 5.7(H) inches and 21.4(L) x 21.4(W) x 7.2(H) inches. If you have any issues with your product, Alavoco has excellent customer service and is readily available to help.

Conclusion and CTA

Overall, the Alavoco Fridge Stand is an excellent investment for those who want a functional and stylish addition to their home. To purchase the stand, click the link below.

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