Samsung RF260BEAESR: Review and Speficiations


Samsung has been a major player in the market for a very long time. Moreover, it has dominated the Indian technology industry. It is through its quality products, great service and customer enhancing experience that Samsung has taken such a huge leap in the Indian market.

Samsung RF260BEAESR review:

 This product is one of its kind and only a breakdown of its specification can do justice to this review.



This model has a french door system that makes it look extremely attractive. This allows you to place the fridge anywhere you desire as it looks fresh and modern. The configuration of the model is such that there is a fridge on the top and freezer at the bottom, making it very convenient to use. Moreover, you won’t even get fingerprint smudges on the surface, this is one of the highlights of this product. In addition to that, the exterior is made up of stainless steel with stylish handles.


While researching for the Samsung rf260beaesr review, our team found some unique features that have to be shared. Twin Cooling Plus feature is an advance feature that keeps your food fresh and away from any harmful substances. Moreover, the EZ-open handle gives easy and stylish access to the fridge. In addition to that, the two-minute door alarm helps you to detect when the door is not properly closed. This can help preserve your food in a massive way. Also, to avoid any leakage there is an inbuilt Cool-tight door.


This is the prime feature we found out when we were gathering data for the rf260beaesr review. The cost of the unit is not much, Samsung has done right in setting such a low cost with such a wide range of features. It costs almost two thousand rupees. Moreover, Samsung is a company that keeps offering a lot of discounts on the products. So, there are chances that you might be able to get this product for a much lesser price.


Coming on to the capacity of the device, it is fairly regular though, at this price, it is a wonder to find such a product. It has a 25.5 cubic feet of space in it. Moreover, when you look for a fridge that can utilize the space in the best manner, this product stands out. It has a feature to adjust space so that you can take additional space from the freezer and vice versa. In addition to that, it has a feature that is only found in the advanced models. You can additionally control the temperature of each and every compartments. Now, this has a great utility as now you can control and store food of certain kind to maintain their freshness.


Yes, it is true that it is missing some of the features that are present in the higher models. However, you have the compare the features in accordance with the price and derive the utility. At this price range, this is a must-buy product with a brand name like Samsung.

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