“Say Goodbye to Dirty Refrigerator Handles with NEYARO’s Magical Door Covers!”

NEYARO Refrigerator Door Handle Covers, Set of 6 Washable Cloth Interior Decor Appliance Handle for Fridge Microwave Stove Dishwasher Catch All Stains Dust Fingerprint Prevent Ice Hand(Wind Grey)

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Are you tired of constantly cleaning the handle of your kitchen appliances? Do you want to add a touch of decoration to your home? Then NEYARO’s Refrigerator Door Handle Cover is the perfect solution for you!

Why Choose NEYARO Refrigerator Door Handle Cover?

  • NEYARO uses a thicker, softer fabric than other sellers, ensuring a luxurious feel.
  • The product features wider and more adhesive Velcro tape, suitable for a wider range of handle circumference, and less likely to fall off.
  • Thanks to the wider adhesive tape, it’s suitable for a variety of kitchen appliances with different handle widths.
  • The superior adhesive Velcro tape ensures a tight fit, preventing sliding.
  • Each handle cover is hand-stitched with exquisite and durable fabric, and is reversible to use the other side for a new look.
  • The cover works on any kitchen appliance and door handle, including ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, cabinets, refrigerators, and bathroom door handles.
  • NEYARO’s handle covers are washable, easy to clean, and reusable, ensuring you get value for your money.

The package includes 10 pieces of handle covers, 8 for long handles like fridge and stove handles, and 2 for short handles like microwave handles. Suitable for handles with a circumference of 3.1-4.5 inches.


NEYARO’s handle covers keep your frequently touched handles free from fingerprints, stains, and dirt while adding a lovely decoration to both normal and holiday occasions. The product is high-quality, stitched with classic velvet, fluffy, and warm, and has a soft touch. It’s perfect for any door handle, and the Velcro design allows for double-sided replacement use. You can hand wash or machine wash in cold water and use them again and again. This handle cover is an excellent family holiday gift, and a great help in the kitchen!

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