“Say Goodbye to Fridge Darkness with These Game-Changing Light Bulbs”

[2 Pack] T8 E17 297048600 241552802 Refrigerator Light Bulb Replacement Compatible with Frigidaire Whirlpool KitchenAid Electrolx Kenmore Fridge Light Bulbs-40W 120V (2.5”×0.9”)

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write a product review blog from Product Description Freeboy 297048600 241552802 Refrigerator Light Bulb–T8 E17 40W 120V ( 2 pack ) Light up your fridge with Freeboy 297048600 241552802 Refrigerator Light Bulb Are you tired of a dim or malfunctioning light? Super-bright bulbs Upgrade to the T8 E17 40W refrigerator light bulb for brighter and better illumination! With its super-bright illumination, refrigerator light bulb’s even brighter than the original bulb, providing clear and brilliant lighting that helps you find what you need in your fridge. 297048600 241552802 Solve the following troubles: 1. Refrigerator bulb replacement 2. Dimming or flashing lights 3. No lights Outstanding Details Easy installation With no special tools or expertise required. Simply twist and replace, and you’ll have a fully functional and brightly lit fridge in no time. Thick Glass & Metal Filament Sturdy & Good transparency Energy Saving & Long Service Life E17 Base Easy and sturdy E17 base 120V 40W Crafted from high-quality materials, this bulb is built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use. 120v/40w refrigerator light bulb Fit for : BLRT86TEB4 BLRT86TEB5 BLRT86TEB6 BLRT86TEB7 BLRT86TEB8 BLRT86TEB9 BLRT86TEBA BLRT86TES0 BLRT86TES2 BLRT86TES4 BLRT86TES5 BLRT86TES6 BLRT86TES7 BLRT86TES8 BLRT86TES9 BLRT86TESA BLRT86TEW2 BLRT86TEW4 BLRT86TEW5 BLRT86TEW6 BLRT86TEW7 BLRT86TEW8 BLRT86TEW9 BLRT86TEWA CFUF17PT1 CGHT1846MF2 CGHT1846MF4 CGHT1846MF5 CGHT1846MP2 CGHT1846MP4 CGHT1846MP5 CGHT1846PF0 E32AF75FPS0 E32AF75FPS1 E32AF75FPS2 E32AF75FPS3 E32AF75FPS4 E32AF75FPS5 E32AF75FPS6 E32AF75GTT0 E32AR75DCL0 E32AR75DCP0 E32AR75DCS0 E32AR75FPS0 E32AR75FPS1 E32AR75FPS2 E32AR75FPS3 E32AR75FPS4 E32AR75FPS5 E32AR75GTT0 FFC1526FW0 FFC1526FW1 FFCH13M2MW0 FFCH13M2MW1 FFSC2323LEA FFSC2323LEBA FFSC2323LECA FFSC2323LPA FFSC2323LPBA FFSC2323LPCA FFSC2323LSB FFSC2323LSCA FFSC2323LSDA FFU17F2PT1 FFUH17F2NWA FFUH17F2NWB FFUH21F2NWA FFUH21F2NWB FGCH20M7LW0 FGCH20M7LW1 FGCH20M7LW2 FGCH20M7LW3 FGCH25M8LW0 FGCH25M8LW1 FGCH25M8LW2 FGHC2331PFAA FGHC2331PFCA FGHS2631PE4A FGHS2631PF4A FGHS2631PF5A FGHS2631PP4A FGHT1846KE0 FGHT1846KE1 FGHT1846KE2 FGHT1846KE4 FGHT1846KE5 FGHT1846KE7 FGHT1846KF0 FGHT1846KF1 FGHT1846KF2 FGHT1846KF4 FGHT1846KF5 FGHT1846KF7 FGHT1846KP0 FGHT1846KP1 FGHT1846KP2 FGHT1846KP4 FGHT1846KP5 FGHT1846KP7 FGHT1846KR0 FGHT1846KR1 FGHT1846KR2 FGHT1846KR4 FGHT1846KR5 FGHT1846KR7 FGHT1846PF0 FGHT2146KE0 FGHT2146KE3 FGHT2146KF0 FGHT2146KF1 FGHT2146KF2 FGHT2146KF3 FGHT2146KP0 FGHT2146KP1 FGHT2146KP2 FGHT2146KP3 FGHT2146KR0 FGHT2146KR1 FGHT2146KR3 FGUI1849LE0 FGUI1849LE1 FGUI1849LE2 FGUI1849LF0 FGUI1849LF1 FGUI1849LF2 FGUI1849LP0 FGUI1849LP1 FGUI1849LP2 FGUI1849LR0 FGUI1849LR1 FGUI1849LR2 FGUI1849PF0 FGUI2149LE0 FGUI2149LE1 FGUI2149LE2 FGUI2149LF0 FGUI2149LF1 FGUI2149LF2 FGUI2149LF3 FGUI2149LP0 FGUI2149LP1 FGUI2149LP2 FGUI2149LP3 FGUI2149LP5 FGUI2149LR0 FGUI2149LR1 FGUI2149LR2 FGUI2149LR3 FGUI2149PF0 FGUI2149PF1 FPHI1887KF0 FPHI1887KF1 FPHI1887KF2 FPHI1887KR0 FPHI1887KR1 FPHI1887KR2 FPHI2187KF0 FPHI2187KF1 FPHI2187KF2 FPHI2187KR0 FPHI2187KR1 FPHI2187KR2 FPHI21X7LF0 FPRH17D7KF0 FPRH17D7KF1 FPRH19D7LF0 FPRH19D7LF1 FPUH17D7KF0 FPUH17D7KF1 FPUH19D7LF0 FPUH19D7LF1 FPUH19D7LF2 FPUI1888LF0 FPUI1888LF1 FPUI1888LF2 FPUI1888LR0 FPUI1888LR1 FPUI1888LR2 FPUI1888PF0 FPUI2188LF0 FPUI2188LF1 FPUI2188LF2 FPUI2188LF3 FPUI2188LR0 FPUI2188LR1 FPUI2188LR2 FPUI2188LR3 FPUI2188PF0 FPUI2188PF1 FRT21BH8DW3 FRT21BSDSB0 FRT21BSDSB1 FRT21BSDSB2 FRT21BSDSB3 FRT21BSDSB4 FRT21BSDSB5 FRT21BSDSB7 FRT21BSDSK0 FRT21BSDSK1 FRT21BSDSK2 FRT21BSDSK3 FRT21BSDSK4 FRT21BSDSK5 FRT21BSDSK7 FRT21BW8DB0 FRT21BW8DB1 FRT21BW8DB3 FRT21BW8DW0 GFC1524FWA GLFC1326FW0 GLFC1326FW1 GLFC1326FW2 GLFC1326FW3 GLFC1526FW0 GLFC1526FW1 GLFC1526FW2 GLFC1526FW3 GLFC1526FW4 GLFC1526FW5 GLFC1526FW6 GLFC1526FW7 GLFC1526FW8 GLFC1526FW9 GLFC1526FWA GLFC1526FWB GLFC1526FWC GLFC2027FW0 GLFC2027FW1 GLFC2027FW2 GLFC2027FW3 GLFC2027FW4 GLFC2027FW5 GLFC2027FW6 GLFC2528FW0 GLFC2528FW1 GLFC2528FW10 GLFC2528FW2 GLFC2528FW3 GLFC2528FW4 GLFC2528FW5 GLFC2528FW6 GLFC2528FW7 GLFC2528FW8 GLFC2528FW9 GLFH1779GW0 GLFH1779GW1 GLFH1779GW2 GLFN1326GW0 GLFN1326GW1 GLFN1326GW2 GLFN1326GW3 GLHT186HB0 GLHT186HB1 GLHT186HB2 GLHT186HB3 GLHT186HK0 GLHT186HK1 GLHT186HK2 GLHT186HK3 GLHT186HQ0 GLHT186HQ1 GLHT186HQ2 GLHT186HQ3 GLHT186HS0 GLHT186HS1 GLHT186HS2 GLHT186HS3 GLHT186HW0 GLHT186HW1 GLHT186HW2 GLHT186HW3 GLHT186JB0 GLHT186JB1 GLHT186JB2 GLHT186JK0 GLHT186JK1 GLHT186JK2 GLHT186JPB0 GLHT186JPB1 GLHT186JPB2 GLHT186JPW0 GLHT186JPW1 GLHT186JPW2 GLHT186JS0 GLHT186JS1 GLHT186JS2 GLHT186JW0 GLHT186JW1 GLHT186JW2 GLHT188WHB1 GLHT188WHB2 GLHT188WHB3 GLHT188WHW1 GLHT188WHW2 GLHT188WHW3 GLHT217HB3 GLHT217HB4 GLHT217HK3 GLHT217HK4 GLHT217HQ3 GLHT217HQ4 GLHT217HS3 GLHT217HS4 GLHT217HW3 GLHT217HW4 GLHT217JK0 GLHT217JPB0 GLHT217JPW0 GLHT217JS0 GLHT218WHB1 GLHT218WHB2 GLHT218WHW1 GLHT218WHW2 GLRH1779GW0 GLRH1779GW2 GLRH1779GW3 GLRH1779GW4 GLRT188WDB1 GLRT188WDB2 GLRT188WDB3 GLRT188WDB4 GLRT188WDB6 GLRT188WDB8 GLRT188WDBA GLRT188WDBB GLRT188WDBC GLRT188WDK2 GLRT188WDK4 GLRT188WDK6 GLRT188WDK8 GLRT188WDKA GLRT188WDKB GLRT188WDKC GLRT188WDL2 GLRT188WDL3 GLRT188WDL4 GLRT188WDL5 GLRT188WDL6 GLRT188WDL8 GLRT188WDLA GLRT188WDLB GLRT188WDS0 GLRT188WDS2 GLRT188WDS4 GLRT188WDS6 GLRT188WDS8 GLRT188WDSA GLRT188WDSB GLRT188WDSC GLRT188WDW0 GLRT188WDW2 GLRT188WDW4 GLRT188WDW6 GLRT188WDW8 GLRT188WDWA GLRT188WDWB GLRT188WDWC GLRT188WDZ0 GLRT188WDZ2 GLRT188WDZ6 GLRT188WDZ8 GLRT188WDZA GLRT188WDZB GLRT188WJB0 GLRT188WJB1 GLRT188WJW0 GLRT188WJW1 GLRT217TDB0 GLRT217TDB1 GLRT217TDB2 GLRT217TDB3 GLRT217TDB7 GLRT217TDB9 GLRT217TDBC GLRT217TDBD GLRT217TDBE GLRT217TDBG GLRT217TDBN GLRT217TDBP GLRT217TDK0 GLRT217TDK1 GLRT217TDK2 GLRT217TDK3 GLRT217TDK4 GLRT217TDK5 GLRT217TDK7 GLRT217TDK8 GLRT217TDKA GLRT217TDKC GLRT217TDKD GLRT217TDKE GLRT217TDKG GLRT217TDKN GLRT217TDKP GLRT217TDKR GLRT217TDQ0 GLRT217TDQ2 GLRT217TDQ3 GLRT217TDQ4 GLRT217TDQ7 GLRT217TDQ8 GLRT217TDQ9 GLRT217TDQC GLRT217TDQE GLRT217TDQG GLRT217TDQN GLRT217TDQP GLRT217TDS0 GLRT217TDS1 GLRT217TDS2 GLRT217TDS4 GLRT217TDS5 GLRT217TDS6 GLRT217TDS7 GLRT217TDS9 GLRT217TDSA GLRT217TDSC GLRT217TDSE GLRT217TDSF You can press ”Ctrl + F” to search your model GLRT217TDSG GLRT217TDSN GLRT217TDSP GLRT217TDSR GLRT217TDW0 GLRT217TDW2 GLRT217TDW3 GLRT217TDW7 GLRT217TDW8 GLRT217TDW9 GLRT217TDWC GLRT217TDWD GLRT217TDWE GLRT217TDWF GLRT217TDWG GLRT217TDWN GLRT217TDWP GLRT218WDB0 GLRT218WDB2 GLRT218WDB4 GLRT218WDB5 GLRT218WDB6 GLRT218WDB7 GLRT218WDB9 GLRT218WDBB GLRT218WDK3 GLRT218WDK4 GLRT218WDK6 GLRT218WDK7 GLRT218WDK9 GLRT218WDKB GLRT218WDKP GLRT218WDL0 GLRT218WDL2 GLRT218WDL7 GLRT218WDLP GLRT218WDQ0 GLRT218WDQ2 GLRT218WDQ7 GLRT218WDQ9 GLRT218WDS1 GLRT218WDS3 GLRT218WDS4 GLRT218WDS6 GLRT218WDS7 GLRT218WDS9 GLRT218WDSB GLRT218WDSP GLRT218WDW0 GLRT218WDW2 GLRT218WDW4 GLRT218WDW5 GLRT218WDW6 GLRT218WDW7 GLRT218WDW9 GLRT218WDWB GLRT218WDZ0 GLRT218WDZ2 GLRT218WDZ5 GLRT218WDZ7 GLRT218WDZP GLRT86TEB0 GLRT86TEB2 GLRT86TEB4 GLRT86TEB6 GLRT86TEB8 GLRT86TEB9 GLRT86TEBA GLRT86TEBB GLRT86TEBC GLRT86TEBE GLRT86TEBF GLRT86TEBG GLRT86TEK0 GLRT86TEK2 GLRT86TEK4 GLRT86TEK6 GLRT86TEK8 GLRT86TEK9 GLRT86TEKA GLRT86TEKB GLRT86TEKC GLRT86TEKE GLRT86TEKF GLRT86TEKG GLRT86TEQ0 GLRT86TEQ2 GLRT86TEQ4 GLRT86TEQB GLRT86TEQC GLRT86TEQE GLRT86TEQF GLRT86TEQG GLRT86TES0 GLRT86TES2 GLRT86TES4 GLRT86TES6 GLRT86TES8 GLRT86TES9 GLRT86TESA GLRT86TESB GLRT86TESC GLRT86TESE GLRT86TESF GLRT86TESG GLRT86TEW0 GLRT86TEW2 GLRT86TEW4 GLRT86TEW6 GLRT86TEW8 GLRT86TEW9 GLRT86TEWA GLRT86TEWB GLRT86TEWC GLRT86TEWE GLRT86TEWF GLRT86TEWG KFC13M5LW0 KFC13M5LW1 KFC13M5LW2 KFC13M5LW3 KFC13M5LW4 LFCH13M2MW0 LFFC1367FW0 PHT189HKM1 PHT189HKM2 PHT189HKM3 PHT189HKM4 PHT189HSM1 PHT189HSM2 PHT189HSM3 PHT189HSM4 PHT189JKM0 PHT189JKM1 PHT189JKM2 PHT189JKM3 PHT189JKM4 PHT189JSM0 PHT189JSM1 PHT189JSM2 PHT189JSM3 PHT189JSM4 PHT189WHKM1 PHT189WHKM2 PHT189WHKM3 PHT189WHSM1 PHT189WHSM2 PHT189WHSM3 PHT219HKM3 PHT219HKM4 PHT219HKM5 PHT219HSM3 PHT219HSM4 PHT219HSM5 PHT219JKM0 PHT219JKM1 PHT219JKM2 PHT219JSM0 PHT219JSM1 PHT219JSM2 PHT219WHKM1 PHT219WHKM2 PHT219WHSM1 PHT219WHSM2 PLFH1779GS0 PLFH1779GS1 PLFH1779GS2 PLFH1779GS3 PLFU1778ES0 PLFU1778ES1 PLFU1778ES2 PLFU1778ES3 PLFU1778ES4 PLFU1778ES5 PLFU1778ES6 PLFU1778ES7 PLFU1778ES8 PLHT19WEB1 PLHT19WEB4 PLHT19WEB5 PLHT19WEB6 PLHT19WEB7 PLHT19WEB9 PLHT19WEK1 PLHT19WEK4 PLHT19WEK7 PLHT19WEK9 PLHT219TDB1 PLRH1779GS0 PLRH1779GS2 PLRH1779GS3 PLRH1779GS4 PLRU1778ES0 PLRU1778ES1 PLRU1778ES2 PLRU1778ES3 PLRU1778ES4 PLRU1778ES5 PLRU1778ES6 PLRU1778ES7 PLRU1778ES8 PLT189WJKM0 PLT189WJKM1 PLT189WJKM2 PLT189WJKM3 PLT189WJSM0 PLT189WJSM1 PLT189WJSM2 PLT189WJSM3 PLT219WJKM0 PLT219WJKM1 PLT219WJSM0 PLT219WJSM1 Not just for refrigerators – this T8 E17 bulb can also be used in other appliances, such as range hoods, under-cabinet lighting, and more.The 40w 120v light bulb refrigerator fridge light bulb can be used from the kitchen, living room, hallway to bedroom and bathroom. Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 0.9 x 0.9 x 2.5 inches; 0.63 Ounces Item model number ‏ : ‎ T8 E17 297048600 241552802 Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 9, 2023 Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Freeboy ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BXXC3YYM 💡【Perfect Fit】297048600 241552802 T8 E17 40W refrigerator lights for refrigerators replace AP3770086 1056577 AH976993 PS976993 EA976993 compatible with Frigidaire、Whirlpool、Electrolux、KitchenAid、Kenmore、Crosley、Gibson、Kelvinator、Kemmore Elite、Kenmor Pro etc most refrigerator. Adaptive model 25316342101 25366883502 25366879502 25376873506 25376883506 25376872504 25366873504 E32AR75DCP0 LFFC1367FW0 25316352101 etc💡【Brighter】Upgrade to the T8 E17 40W refrigerator light bulb replacement for brighter and better illumination! With its super-bright illumination, refrigerator light bulb’s even brighter than the original bulb, providing clear and brilliant lighting that helps you find what you need in your fridge.💡【Easy Installation】This T8 E17 refrigerator light bulb for Frigidaire Whirlpool is designed to fit perfectly with the original model, making it a hassle-free replacement for your old or broken fridge bulb. Simply screw the bulb into your refrigerator socket, and you’re ready to go in 2 mins– no need for special tools or expertise.💡【Cost-effective】With its durable, shatterproof design, this T8 E17 refrigerator bulb replacement is built to last, even in the most demanding environments. And with its long service life and energy efficiency, this bulb can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering your energy bills.💡【Versatile】Not just for refrigerators – this T8 E17 bulb can also be used in other appliances, such as range hoods, under-cabinet lighting, and more.The 40w 120v light bulb refrigerator fridge light bulb can be used from the kitchen, living room, hallway to bedroom and bathroom.💡【So Why Wait? 】Upgrade your refrigerator lighting today with the 297048600 241552802 refrigerator light bulbs – the smart, easy, and cost-effective choice for any home! with sub-heading, bullet pints and paragraph in markdown language and also include CTA link form Buy Now

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