“Say Goodbye to Toddler Tornadoes in the Kitchen: The Ultimate Child Proof Fridge Lock”

NiHome Child Proof Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Door Lock 2-Pack for Kids Safety, Child Proof Doorknob for Max 1″ (25mm) Sealing Strip for Toddlers and Kids, No Tools or Drilling Need (Grey)

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Keep Your Fridge Secured with This Amazing Fridge Lock

If you have been worried about whether your baby or toddler might be accessing your fridge and getting hurt or consuming harmful substances without your knowledge, this fridge lock from Amazon can give you the peace of mind you need.

Normal Open Function

What sets this fridge lock apart is its normal open function that lets you open the fridge without any additional effort. You can press both lock tongues simultaneously and slide the middle button to access your fridge with ease.

Strong Adhesive

The fridge lock comes with 3M VHB adhesive that’s incredibly strong and does not require any drills or tools. The adhesive has a high viscosity and does not damage or leave residue on your fridge. Plus, the product also has a spare set of 3M VHB adhesives for replacement.

Wider Applications

Another great feature of this fridge lock is that it applies to a broader range of refrigerators compared to its competitors. Refrigerator seals up to 1 inch (25mm) thick are compatible with this lock, and the lock head can rotate 120 degrees, making it ideal for use on an inclined surface. It is adaptable to most refrigerators on the market, including outdoor refrigerators, mini refrigerators, direct cooling single-door refrigerators, and more.

Why You Need It

A fridge lock like this can help prevent a lot of accidents. It can prevent babies from flipping the fridge, toddlers from eating something accidentally, pinching fingers while playing with the fridge, or accidentally locking themselves in the fridge. The fridge lock can also protect your pets from accessing the fridge.

Quick Installation

The installation process for this fridge lock is simple and quick. You need to install the 3M VHB adhesive first (better effect after 24 hours). Install the lock head first, then the lock body. The wide, sticky surface ensures the durability of this fridge lock. There are just three steps to the installation process: tear off the covers of the 3M stickers, paste the lock in the confirmed place, and press to ensure the lock is adhered to the fridge.

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Don’t let your children or pets access potentially dangerous substances in your fridge. Keep your fridge locked with this amazing fridge lock. Buy now from Amazon and have peace of mind knowing your fridge is secured.

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