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Continental Refrigeration Gasket, Door (30 5/8″ X 59 7/16″) Dart/Magnetic

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Review of Continental Refrigeration Gasket, Door (30 5/8″ X 59 7/16″) Dart / Magnetic

If you’re in the foodservice industry, then you know the importance of reliable equipment. When it comes to refrigeration, having a proper seal on your doors is essential for keeping food fresh and safe. That’s where the Continental Refrigeration Gasket, Door comes in.

This is a genuine OEM part, and using genuine OEM parts is crucial for safety, reliability and performance. This particular gasket has dimensions of 30 5/8″ X 59 7/16″, and is designed with dart and magnetic properties that make it easy to install and ensure a tight seal.

The Continental Refrigeration brand is known for its innovative designs, and this gasket is no exception. The company understands the needs of the foodservice industry, and has created a gasket that can withstand the demands of everyday use.

One of the best things about this gasket is its durability. It’s made to last, and won’t break down or crack easily like some cheaper alternatives. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

If you need to replace the door gasket on your Continental Refrigeration unit, then we highly recommend this genuine OEM part. It’s made with safety, reliability and performance in mind, and will ensure that your food stays fresh and safe.

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