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W10316760 Refrigerator Thermistor Sensor with Clip Fit for Whirlpool and for Sears Refrigerator Replace WP10316760 AP4538142 PS2580944 W10323459 12791417

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Product Review: W10316760 Refrigerator Thermistor

If you’re experiencing problems with your refrigerator like frost buildup, overheated parts, or inconsistent temperatures, then the W10316760 Refrigerator Thermistor may be the solution you’re looking for. Compatible with various Whirlpool, Kenmore, Kitchenaid, and Sears models, this versatile part is guaranteed to improve your fridge’s performance.


  • Replace Part Number: WPW10323459, W10323459, 12791417, 12791417SP, 12791419SP, 1876627, AH2580944, EA2580944, PS2580944, W10280385, W10280386, W10308052, W10316760VP, W10438639, W10438761, W10452402.
  • Easy to Install: You don’t need to be an expert to install the W10316760 Refrigerator Thermistor. It’s simple and easy to follow. Check out instructional videos on YouTube that will guide you through the installation process in minutes.
  • Function: The W10316760 Refrigerator Thermistor senses the temperature inside the fridge and sends the details to the electronic control device. The device then repairs a series of problems such as frost buildup, overheated parts, inconsistent temperatures, too long operation times, and issues related to temperature sensors.


Before installation, make sure you unplug your refrigerator and wear work gloves to protect your hands. It is recommended to remove any food inside that may spoil during the power outage. For installation, connect the wires, and wrap them up with insulating tape or use wire connectors.

Customer Support

If you run into any issues with the product, contact the manufacturer’s customer service who will assist you in solving the problem.

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Overall, the W10316760 Refrigerator Thermistor is a cost-effective solution to fix performance issues in your fridge. You can purchase it now from Amazon by clicking on this link Buy Now.

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