“Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Filters – How Crystala Filters Saved My Wallet and My Water!”

Crystala Filters Replacement for DA97-17376B Water Filter, NSF 42 Compatible with Samsung HAF-QIN, HAF-QIN/EXP, DA97-08006C, RF23M8070SG, RF23M8070SR, RF23M8090SG, RF23M8570SR (3 Pack)

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Are you tired of constantly buying new water filters for your Samsung refrigerator? Look no further than the HAF-QIN/EXP Water Filter Cartridge from Samsung.

This replacement water filter is lead-free and BPA-free, using 100% selected coconut shell carbon block from Sri Lanka. It is in compliance with the NSF 42 standard and certified model “CF17”. With a lifespan of 6 months or 300 gallons, it retains beneficial minerals while removing impurities in water.

Not only does this filter fit Samsung models such as DA97-17376B and HAF-QIN, but it also works with BRF365200AP/AA, DA97-08006C, RF23M8070SG, RF23M8070SR, RF23M8090SG, RF23M8090SR, RF23M8570SR, and RF23M8590SG. Plus, it is incredibly easy to install.

Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of constantly replacing water filters. Try the Samsung HAF-QIN/EXP Water Filter Cartridge today and taste the difference in your water.

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