“Stop Your Kids from Sneaking Snacks with this Easy Fridge Lock!”

BABY DROM Refrigerator Lock, Ideal for Child Proof Fridge Lock and Freezer Door Lock, Easy to Install and Use Fridge Locks for Kids no Tools Need or Drill

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The BABY DRÖM Refrigerator Door Lock – A Simple and Effective Solution for Childproofing

Are you worried about your little ones opening the refrigerator and getting into things they shouldn’t? The BABY DRÖM refrigerator door lock is here to help! This lock is designed to be simple and straightforward, with no drilling or screws required for installation.

Easy to Install & Use

The BABY DRÖM refrigerator door lock is super easy to install and use. To unlock the lock, simply press the two buttons and pull the handle outward. When you close the door, the lock automatically locks itself. The new design has increased the space between the double buttons to 40mm, making it safer and easier for adults to use.

Strong Viscosity

You don’t need a drill or other tools to install this lock. The 3M VHB adhesive tape has a strong viscosity and can be applied to a large surface area. It’s also easy to remove without causing any damage to your fridge. The adhesive tape needs 72 hours to reach maximum effectiveness.

Multiple Usage

This fridge lock is specifically designed for use on refrigerators, but it can fit on a variety of units, including compact refrigerators, mini-fridges, direct cool single door refrigerators, and even outdoor refrigerators. It can be used for infants as well as pets.

Why It’s Necessary

Our fridge lock for kids can prevent your child from pinching their fingers by repeatedly opening and closing the fridge. It can also prevent babies from consuming forbidden items, and stop them from accidentally trapping themselves inside the refrigerator.

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So what are you waiting for? Order the BABY DRÖM refrigerator door lock today and see for yourself how easy it is to install and use. Click here to order your lock today! Buy now.

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