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W11216993 LED Light Bulb Refrigerator for Whirlpool Maytag Refrigerator AP6329125 4813672, PS12349398, W10820003, W11125625. Wattage:3.6w

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Review: LED Light Bulb for Whirlpool Maytag Refrigerators

If you’re looking for a replacement LED light bulb for your Whirlpool or Maytag refrigerator, the W11216993 is a great option. This part number replaces several older model numbers, including 4813672, PS12349398, and W10820003, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of refrigerators.


The W11216993 LED light attaches inside the cabinet of your refrigerator or freezer, illuminating the interior so you can easily see what’s inside. This part is compatible with a variety of models from both Whirlpool and Maytag, including:

  • MSS25C4MGW00
  • MSS25C4MGZ00
  • WRS312SNHB01
  • WRS312SNHM01
  • WRS312SNHW01
  • WRS315SNHB01
  • WRS315SNHM01
  • WRS315SNHW01
  • WRS321SDHB00
  • WRS321SDHB01
  • WRS321SDHV00
  • WRS321SDHV01
  • WRS321SDHW00
  • WRS321SDHW01
  • WRS321SDHZ00
  • WRS321SDHZ01
  • WRS325SDHB00
  • WRS325SDHB01
  • WRS325SDHV00
  • WRS325SDHV01
  • WRS325SDHW00
  • WRS325SDHW01
  • WRS325SDHZ00
  • WRS325SDHZ01
  • WRS331SDHB00
  • WRS331SDHM00
  • WRS331SDHW00
  • WRS335SDHB00
  • WRS335SDHM00
  • WRS335SDHW00
  • WRS571CIHB01
  • WRS571CIHV01
  • WRS571CIHW01
  • WRS571CIHZ01
  • WRSA15SNHN00
  • WRSA15SNHN01
  • WRSA15SNHZ00
  • WRSA15SNHZ01
  • WRSA71CIHN00
  • WRSA71CIHZ00
  • WRSA88FIHN00
  • WRSA88FIHZ00
  • WRT311FZDB01
  • WRT311FZDM01
  • WRT311FZDT01
  • WRT311FZDW01
  • WRT541SZDZ00


When you purchase the W11216993 LED light bulb from CCTP, you can buy with confidence knowing that it comes with a 1 year warranty. CCTP is committed to providing high-quality replacement parts that you can rely on to keep your appliances working properly.

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