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ICEPURE PLUS ADQ747935 NSF53 Certified Replacement for LG LT1000P Kenmore Elite 9980 LT1000 LT1000PC ADQ74793501 MDJ64844601 RWF4700A LFXS26973S Refrigerator Water Filter and LT120F Air Filter,2PACK

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                                  refrigerator water filterrefrigerator water filter   



ICEPURE is an American company. Our factory have been producing high quality filtration products for 20+ years. With the continuous innovation and research of the R&D team. We are now a leader in the water treatment industry. Our products have been sold all over the world.

We have gained the love and trust of countless customers with High-quality products and professional support. We focus on household water purification equipment and filters.

How did we get our start?

ICEPURE, located in LA, is a brand that has been focuing on producing high-quality filtration system for 20+ years.

What makes our products unique?

The achievement of technological innovation of R&D superstar team under this brand has applied for nearly 200 patents.

Why do we love what we do?

Brand is famous for its integrity and credibility, countless consumers are deeply impressed by authentic high quality in the past 20 years.

More packs for you to choose

More packs for you to choose

Popular Products

Popular Products

Pure Water, Better LifePure Water, Better Life


Focus on the water purification industry -various water filters and systems

✤【Excellent Filtration Effect】: The filtering effect of this product is extremely well, which can remove many kinds of harmful impurities in the water. Certified by NSF/ASIN 42 can remove 99% Chlorine, Bad Taste, Organic Compounds, Odor, Rust, and other solid particles. Certified by NSF/ANSI 53 can remove 98.88%Cysts, 99.99%Lead, 99.95%Benzene, 99.69% Heavy metal impurities, etc. Effectively removing heavy metal impurities in the water is the most notable feature of this water filter.
✤【100% Match & No-Leakage】: ICEPURE water filter using advanced fully automated industrial technology, The measurement technology is accurate to microns. Withstood thousands of water hammer tests, the current production process is very mature and rigorous. Installation is simple and requires no tools(With detailed installation steps). Perfectly matching the original model and no worry about leaking.
✤【Premium Filter Materials】:Top coconut shell activated carbon Certified by NSF. Unlike some low-end filtration products that use coal-based activated carbon and apricot shell activated carbon, All the products of ICEPURE filter material are 100% selected coconut shell activated carbon, which has a larger specific surface area, more micropores, and more clean.
✤【Replacement for Models】: LG-LT1000P, 1000P, LT1000PCS, LT-1000PC, LT1000P/PC/PCS, Kenmore 46-9980, 469980, LFXC22526S, LFXC22526D, LFXC22596S, LFXC24796, LFXC24796D, LFXC24796S, LFXC24796D/00, LFXS26596S, LFXS26973S, LFXS26973S/01, LFXS28566S, LFXS28566D, LFXS28968S, LFXS28968D, LFXS30796, LFXS30796D, LFXS30796S, LMXC23796, LMXC23796D, LMXS28626D, LMXS28636S, LMXS30796, LMXS30796D, LMXS30796D/00, LMXS30796S, LSFXC2496D, LSXC22396, LSXC22396S, LSXC22396D, LSXS26396, LSXS26396S, LFCC22426S.
✤【Food-Grade Material】: Certified by NSF 372, which ensures the filter is lead-free. Food grade material, BPA-Free. Choose ICEPURE, Choose a more assured lifestyle!
✤【 Great Value for Money】: It is a great way to have a healthy and clean source of drinking water but can not worry about your budget. From now on, you won’t need to spend money on bottled water. Stay away from the invasion of plastic particles on our bodies and save money at the same time! We can say that this is a very effective refrigerator filter, which will also give you incredible value for your money. with sub-heading, bullet pints and paragraph in markdown language and also include CTA link form Buy Now

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