Write an SEO friendly Headline from JUBANGLIAN 11in Car Home Refrigerator, 8L Portable Mini Fridge 41℉-149℉ Thermoelectric Cooler Small Refrigerator with AC/DC Power for Skincare Beverage (E)

JUBANGLIAN 11in Car Home Refrigerator, 8L Portable Mini Fridge 41℉-149℉ Thermoelectric Cooler Small Refrigerator with AC/DC Power for Skincare Beverage (E)

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You can control the cooling/heating


  • Product design, portable, strap-on, light weight, no pollution, semi-conductor refrigerator, long life, low energy consumption, environmental protection, low noise
  • It not only can provide you with refreshing and delicious drinks, but also save you the cumbersome parking shopping. Usually at home, can also be used to refrigerate the hostess’s cosmetics

Type: Hot and cold car refrigerator
Weight: 2.8kg
Material: PP
Volume: 8L
Power supply voltage: DC12V/AC220V
Appearance size: 27x29x19cm (11x11x7inch)
Minimum cooling temperature: 5? (41?)
Maximum heating temperature: 65? (149?)
Color: A:pink, B:blue, C:white, D:champagne gold tempered glass panel, E:silver tempered glass panel

Package Included:
1 x car refrigerator
1 x product manual
1 xAC/DC conversion cable

Special reminder:
1. This product is a refrigerated and fresh-keeping refrigerator, which has no freezing function and cannot store raw meat and ice cream.
2. The refrigeration can be about 22 ?(71.6?) lower than the use environment temperature. If the use environment temperature is 30 ?(86?), the internal temperature of the refrigerator is about 8 ?(46?).
3. The higher the ambient temperature, the longer the cooling time will be.

Environmental protection and ultra-quiet: The portable refrigerator makes a very small sound when it is working, which is very suitable for places where noisy electrical appliances are not desired. The semiconductor refrigeration chip is freon-free and environmentally friendly; the silent technology keeps the sound at the lowest level (25dB).
With heating and cooling: you can keep things cool or warm, you only need to press the switch; both options are preset optimal temperatures: the fresh-keeping temperature is about 41 ?, keeping the small refrigerator at just the right cool temperature Not too cold, and with a heating mode of 148 ?, this bedroom mini refrigerator is perfect for keeping your food warm during lunch or storing hot food.
AC/DC Adapter: This car mini refrigerator is equipped with a 12V power socket, you can plug it into the car during road trips, and there is also a standard 220V power socket, you can use this cute mini makeup refrigerator at home . Please note: make sure to run the cooler/heater only when the engine is on, otherwise there is a risk of draining the battery.
Practical and portable: Our products have ordinary panels and tempered glass panels. The weight of the mini refrigerator is only 2.3 kg, 2.9 kg; the easy-to-grip top handle makes it easier for you to carry it with you. The shelf can be removed for more space. with sub-heading, bullet pints and paragraph in markdown language and also include CTA link form Buy Now

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