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UPGRADED 240323001 Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin Replacement, Compatible with Frigidaire FFHS2622MSJ FRS6LR5EB2 FGHS2644KF2 FRS6R4EW2 FFSS2614QS6A FRS6HR45KS0 FFHS2622MSYA Bottom Door Shelves, 2 Pack

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write a product review blog from Product Description Warm Tips If your refrigerator model starts with “LFSS” or “FGSS”, then the 240323001 door bin will not be compatible.If you are looking for door bin for freezer door , then 240323001 doesn’t fit.Don’t fit 240334201, 240338001, 240351601, 240363701, 240367301,240363701, 240324501, 240359001, 242071401, DA97-13805B!This 240323001 gallon bin only fits in the two bottom slots on the refrigerator-side door. It will NOT fit in the top slots or on the freezer-side door. 2 packs 240323001 Refrigerator Door Bin Shelf for Frigidaire & Electrolux. Replace your broken, dirty refrigerator door bin with a new one. Refrigerator Door Bin Specifications This door bin (Bottom Door Bin, Refrigerator Door Bin, Door Shelf Bin, Refrigerator Door Bin) is a movable bin mounted on the inner door to hold food items, bottles, and jars. Over time, a cold refrigerator can cause plastic to become fragile and break down. This can lead to other issues in the refrigerator. When the door bin will not hold securely onto the inner door panel, it must be replaced. This door bin measures 5.75 inches high, 16 inches wide, by 4.25 inches deep. This part works with the following products: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Crosley, Westinghouse. Electrolux, Gibson, Kelvinator Part# 240323001 replaces these: 240323001, AP2115741, 240323007, 890954, AH429724, EA429724, PS429724, 240323000 Popular Models: FRS26H5ASB5, FRS6LR5EB3, FRS6LR5EM2, FRS26H5ASBA, FRS6R5ESB4, FRS26RLECS0, FRS26H5ASB4, FRS26R4CB1, FRS26H5ASB8, FRS26LF7DS7, FRS26R2AW6, FRS6LR5EB6, FRS26R4AW5, RS6LR5EM8, FRS26R4CW0 STEP 1 – Find the label/tag on your refrigerator, or on the user manual, to identify your refrigerator model. Then Ctrl + F to search for your fridge model number to make sure compatibility. STEP 2 – Bottom door bins for refrigerator door and freezer door looks similar in appearance, but different in model and size. MAKE SURE YOU NEED DOOR BIN FOR REFRIGERATOR DOOR, NOT FOR FREEZER DOOR! STEP 3 – Measure your old door bin,Make sure the length, width and height of your old door bin is the same as above. Length: 15.95 inch, Width: 5.12 inch, Heighty: 5.78 inch Easy to Install Easily install the part by yourself. Simply snap the mounting tabs into place. No tools or additional parts are needed to install this door bin. Made of High-quality Materials Color: WhiteQTY: 2 packsDimensions: 15.75 x 5.5 x 5.5 inchProduct weight: 9.7 oz Replacement Part But Exceed OEM quality Edge reinforcement for wear resistanceBetter than OEM qualityGood toughnessNo breakage Perfect Fit Frigidaire model number Ctrl + F to search for your Frigidaire model number BFHS2611LM0, BFHS2611LM1, BFHS2611LM2, CRSH265LB0, CRSH265LB1, CRSH265LB2, CRSH265LW0, CRSH265LW1, CRSH265LW2, CRSH267LB0, CRSH267LB2, CRSH267LB3, CRSH267LS0, CRSH267LS2, CRSH267LS3, CRSH267LS4, CRSH267LW0, CRSH267LW2, CRSH267LW3, DGHS2634KB0, DGHS2634KB2, DGHS2634KB3, DGHS2634KE1, DGHS2634KE2, DGHS2634KE3, DGHS2634KP1, DGHS2634KP2, DGHS2634KP3, DGHS2634KW0, DGHS2634KW2, DGHS2634KW3, DGHS2644KF1, DGHS2644KF2, DGHS2644KF3, FFHS2611LB0, FFHS2611LB1, FFHS2611LB2, FFHS2611LB4, FFHS2611LB5, FFHS2611LB6, FFHS2611LB7, FFHS2611LBA, FFHS2611LBB, FFHS2611LBC, FFHS2611LBD, FFHS2611LBE, FFHS2611LBF, FFHS2611LBG, FFHS2611LBH, FFHS2611LBJ, FFHS2611LBK, FFHS2611LBLA, FFHS2611LBMA, FFHS2611LBNA, FFHS2611LBPA, FFHS2611LBRA, FFHS2611LQ0, FFHS2611LQ1, FFHS2611LQ2, FFHS2611LS0, FFHS2611LS1, FFHS2611LS2, FFHS2611LW0, FFHS2611LW1, FFHS2611LW2, FFHS2611LW4, FFHS2611LW5, FFHS2611LW6, FFHS2611LW7, FFHS2611LWA, FFHS2611LWB, FFHS2611LWC, FFHS2611LWD, FFHS2611LWE, FFHS2611LWF, FFHS2611LWG, FFHS2611LWHA, FFHS2611LWJA, FFHS2611LWKA, FFHS2611LWLA, FFHS2611LWMA, FFHS2611PF0, FFHS2611PF1, FFHS2611PF2, FFHS2611PF4, FFHS2611PF5, FFHS2611PF6, FFHS2611PF7, FFHS2611PF9, FFHS2611PFAA, FFHS2611PFBA, FFHS2611PFCA, FFHS2611PFDA, FFHS2611PFEA, FFHS2612LS0, FFHS2612LS1, FFHS2612LS2, FFHS2612LS4, FFHS2612LS5, FFHS2612LS6, FFHS2612LS7, FFHS2612LS8, FFHS2612LSB, FFHS2612LSD, FFHS2612LSE, FFHS2622MB0, FFHS2622MB1, FFHS2622MB2, FFHS2622MB3, FFHS2622MB4, FFHS2622MB5, FFHS2622MB7, FFHS2622MB8, FFHS2622MB9, FFHS2622MBA, FFHS2622MBB, FFHS2622MBC, FFHS2622MBD, FFHS2622MBE, FFHS2622MBF, FFHS2622MBG, FFHS2622MBH, FFHS2622MBJ, FFHS2622MBL, FFHS2622MBMA, FFHS2622MBNA, FFHS2622MBPA, 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FRS6LE4FB7, FRS6LE4FBB, FRS6LE4FQ0, FRS6LE4FQ1, FRS6LE4FQ2, FRS6LE4FQ3, FRS6LE4FQ4, FRS6LE4FQ5, FRS6LE4FQ6, FRS6LE4FQ7, FRS6LE4FQB, FRS6LE4FW0, FRS6LE4FW1, FRS6LE4FW2, FRS6LE4FW3, FRS6LE4FW5, FRS6LE4FW6, FRS6LE4FW7, FRS6LE4FWB, FRS6LF7FB0, FRS6LF7FB2, FRS6LF7FM0, FRS6LF7FM2, FRS6LF7FQ0, FRS6LF7FQ2, FRS6LF7FS0, FRS6LF7FS2, FRS6LF7FW0, FRS6LF7FW2, FRS6LR5EB2, FRS6LR5EB3, FRS6LR5EB6, FRS6LR5EB7, FRS6LR5EM0, FRS26W2AWD, FRS26W2AWE, FRS26W2AWF Perfect Fit Frigidaire&Kenmore model number Ctrl + F to search for your model number FRS26W2AWG, FRS26W2BSB0, FRS26W2BSB2, FRS26W2BSB3, FRS26W2BSB5, FRS26W2BSB7, FRS26W2BSB9, FRS26XABQ0, FRS26XABQ1, FRS26XABW0, FRS26XABW1, FRS6HR35KB0, FRS6HR35KB1, FRS6HR35KB2, FRS6HR35KM0, FRS6HR35KM1, FRS6HR35KM2, FRS6HR35KS0, FRS6HR35KS1, FRS6HR35KS2, FRS6HR35KW0, FRS6HR35KW1, FRS6HR35KW2, FRS6HR43KS0, FRS6HR45KB0, FRS6HR45KB2, FRS6HR45KS0, FRS6HR45KS1, FRS6HR45KS2, FRS6HR45KS3, FRS6HR45KS4, FRS6HR45KS5, FRS6HR45KS6, FRS6HR45KS7, FRS6HR45KW0, FRS6HR45KW2, FRS6HR4HB1, FRS6HR4HB2, FRS6HR4HB3, FRS6HR4HB4, FRS6HR4HB5, FRS6HR4HB6, FRS6LR5EM2, FRS6LR5EM3, FRS6LR5EM5, FRS6LR5EM6, FRS6LR5EM7, FRS6LR5EM8, FRS6LR5EQ2, FRS6LR5EQ3, FRS6LR5EQ4, FRS6LR5ES2, FRS6LR5ES3, FRS6LR5ES5, FRS6LR5ES6, FRS6LR5ES7, FRS6LR5EW2, FRS6LR5EW3, FRS6LR5EW5, FRS6LR5EW6, FRS6R2FB0, FRS6R2FB1, FRS6R2FB2, FRS6R2FB3, FRS6R2FB4, FRS6R2FB5, FRS6R2FB6, FRS6R3EW0, FRS6R3EW1, FRS6R3EW2, FRS6R3EW3, FRS6R3EW4, FRS6R3EW5, FRS6R3EW6, FRS6R3EW7, FRS6R3EW8, FRS6R3EW9, FRS6R3JB0, FRS6R3JB1, FRS6R3JB2, FRS6R3JB3, FRS6R3JB4, FRS6R3JB5, FRS6R3JB6, FRS6R3JB7, FRS6R3JW0, FRS6R3JW1, FRS6R3JW2, FRS6R3JW3, FRS6R3JW4, FRS6R3JW5, FRS6R3JW6, FRS6R3JW7, FRS6R4EB0, FRS6R4EB1, FRS6R4EB2, FRS6R4EB3, FRS6R4EB4, FRS6R4EB5, FRS6R4EB6, FRS6R4EB7, FRS6R4EB9, FRS6R4EBA, FRS6R4EBB, FRS6R4EBC, FRS6R4EBD, FRS6R4EQ0, FRS6R4EQ1, FRS6R4EQ2, FRS6R4EQ3, FRS6R4EQ4, FRS6R4EQ5, FRS6R4EQ6, FRS6R4EQ7, FRS6R4EQA, FRS6R4EQB, FRS6R4EQC, FRS6R4EW0, FRS6R4EW1, FRS6R4EW2,…

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