“You won’t believe how this small fridge transformed my skincare routine!”

BUXFMHT 20L Mini Fridge, Skincare Fridge, Makeup Fridge with LED Mirror, AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and WarmerSmall Fridge, Eco & Quiet Mini Refrigerator for Bedroom, Comestic Storage

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BUXFMHT 20L Skincare Refrigerator: Keep Your Skincare Fresh and Effective!

Are you tired of wasting your money on expensive skincare and cosmetic products that don’t work as well as they should? It’s time to consider upgrading to the BUXFMHT 20L Skincare Refrigerator, your exclusive skincare refrigerator that will protect the activity of your skincare and cosmetic products!

Skincare and cosmetic products have a specific temperature range to keep the nutrients active, and storing them at unsuitable temperatures can reduce their effectiveness. The BUXFMHT Skincare Refrigerator is designed to maintain a temperature range that is suitable for the survival of nutrients in skincare products and cosmetics, allowing you to spend your money as it should! Plus, refrigerated products can help calm and soothe your skin much better than room temperature products.

At 20 liters, the BUXFMHT Skincare Refrigerator has enough capacity to store all your precious skincare products. It also features an automatic thermostat that controls the cold/hot mode, giving you the most suitable storage space for your products. The adjustable LED light has three modes that can be switched to meet your needs, and the refrigerator is small and lightweight, with a carry handle for easy transfer or carrying.

The BUXFMHT Skincare Refrigerator is made of safe, thickened PP material, with a food-grade inner layer that is safe for cosmetics and skincare products, as well as drinks, fruits, breast milk, milk, and more. It’s also quiet, radiation-free, and safe for pregnant women and babies.

The refrigerator’s door has a press lock that isolates the products stored inside for better preservation and to avoid dust and dirty stains. The latch has a non-slip strip that is convenient to open the door by pressing, and it’s carefully partitioned, so it will not hurt your hands.

The BUXFMHT Skincare Refrigerator features removable partitions that are layered with three levels of storage space, allowing skincare and cosmetics to be sorted and partitioned, with recessed shelves on the side of the door for smaller, hard-to-sort products. The partitions and grooves are removable and detachable to meet your various storage and sorting needs.

The back of the refrigerator has a hot and cold mode switch button, and it also supports AC & DC power supply (two power cords are provided with the refrigerator), making it suitable for use at home and in the car. It also has a built-in semiconductor temperature control chip that is good at temperature conductivity, cooling and heating sensitive induction. The lowest cooling mode is up to 39.2°F after the automatic thermostat, and the heating mode is up to 149°F after the automatic thermostat. The specific thermostat temperature is according to the room temperature, so no need to worry about the temperature is too low or too high and destroy the activity or freshness of the items.

The BUXFMHT Skincare Refrigerator also comes with an LED makeup mirror that has adjustable LED lights and can restore facial details very well. You can freely adjust the color and brightness of the light according to the surrounding environment and makeup needs when using it.

In summary, the BUXFMHT Skincare Refrigerator is a multi-functional small refrigerator that is perfect for storing your precious skincare and cosmetic products. It’s safe, quiet, and radiation-free, and features smart thermostat technology and an adjustable LED makeup mirror. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and provide a warranty service within 12 months after you buy the product. Don’t wait any longer – buy now and keep your skincare fresh and effective!

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