“You won’t believe the amazing difference this LED light board made for my GE refrigerator!”

WR55X11132 Refrigerator LED Light Board, for GE LED Replacement Led Compatible with WR55X25754 WR55X26486 WR55X30602 EAP12172918 4590213 AP6261806 PS12172918 No Plastic Cover 3PCS

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Are you tired of your GE refrigerator LED lights flickering, dimming, or not illuminating at all? Then you need the WR55X11132 Refrigerator Bulb Light from NOMOY!

This product is widely compatible with various GE refrigerator models, including GFE26GGHBBB, GFE26GGHBWW, GFE26GGHCBB, GFE26GGHCWW, and more. It uses 2W LED with a maximum current of 600mA to increase its service life and has a color temperature of 6000K, resulting in natural-looking food colors. Plus, its waterproof PCB allows it to work longer in high humidity areas.

Installation is a breeze, too! You just need to pop the old light fixture out of the fridge wall, unsnap it from the harness, snap the new one in, and push it back into place. This product comes in a pack of three, so you’ll have replacements ready in case the others burn out.

Don’t settle for a poorly lit refrigerator. Upgrade with NOMOY’s WR55X11132 Refrigerator Bulb Light. Click on the link below and get yours now!

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