The Shocking Truth: Farm Eggs can last up to 5 Weeks in the Refrigerator – Here’s How!

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Have you ever wondered how long those farm-fresh eggs will last in your refrigerator? Knowing the shelf life of eggs can help prevent food waste and ensure you’re always cooking with the freshest ingredients. Let’s explore how long farm eggs are good for in the fridge and how to best store them for maximum freshness.

Farm-fresh eggs are a favorite choice for many people because of their delicious taste and high nutritional value. But one common question that comes up is how long these eggs can be stored in the fridge before they spoil. The answer depends on a few factors, including how the eggs were handled and stored before they made it to your refrigerator.

Typically, farm eggs last longer in the fridge compared to store-bought eggs. This is because farm eggs are usually fresher when you buy them, often laid just days before being sold. The protective coating on freshly laid eggs, called the bloom, helps seal in freshness and keep bacteria out.

To store farm eggs properly in the fridge, keep them in their original carton. The carton protects the eggs from absorbing odors and flavors from other foods in the fridge and helps maintain their natural moisture content, which affects freshness.

With proper storage, farm eggs can last up to 3-4 weeks in the fridge. But it’s important to check their freshness before using them. One way to do this is by doing the float test – if an egg sinks to the bottom and lays flat on its side in a bowl of water, it’s fresh. If it stands upright or floats, it’s no longer fresh and should be thrown out.

Keep in mind that how you store farm eggs can impact how long they last. If they’re kept in a too-warm fridge or near strong-smelling foods, they may spoil faster. Cracked or damaged eggs should be used quickly to avoid bacteria getting inside.

In summary, farm eggs can last up to 3-4 weeks in the fridge if stored correctly. By following these storage tips and checking their freshness regularly, you can enjoy tasty and nutritious farm-fresh eggs for an extended period. So stock up on these healthy eggs and enjoy them while they last!

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